Canada's only legal cannabis edibles for medical marijuana patients

Canada's only legal cannabis edibles for medical marijuana patients 


 Canada's Only Legal Cannabis Edibles for Medical Marijuana Patients 

                                                                                               Based  on the 2015 Supreme Court of Canada decision - Regina vs Smith 


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Finest selection of Cannabis Edibles  in Canada.

Compliant with all Health Canada requirements for Cannabis

 We are the largest distributors for Baked Edibles - the number one Cannabis Bakery in Canada. Only their products meet the regulatory requirements of Health Canada and product quality is second to none. They are the Haagen Daz of Cannabis Edibles. Before anything goes out the door, it is tested at MB labs of Sydney BC - considered the gold standard for cannabis testing in Canada. Every batch baked is accompanied by a report that is available here for you to see. In today's day and age, it is essential to know what we are putting into our bodies and how potent our medication is. They are the standard every other edible is compared to.  Why would you want to consume anything else ? 

 Several different types of cannabis and extraction techniques are used to make their oils and butters. One of the keys to their success is that they infused their products by baking their cannabis oils and butters directly into the products, rather than coating (spray) or painting them on as the last step. The result is a product that is always tastier and more consistent. Click here for more information on their extraction methods

You must be a registered Medical Marijuana Patient. Contact us at:  ebaked.ca@gmail.com

We ship within Canada 

In Calgary we offer home delivery with payment at your door or Etransfer